Using fine craftsmanship and design skills, I create beautiful handmade bespoke jewellery which exceeds the customers’ expectation everytime.

Alexandra graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in Three Dimensional Design before undertaking post graduate studies at Bishopsland Educational Trust in South Oxfordshire, the internationally recognised Postgraduate Centre of Excellence for Jewellers and Silversmiths.

Having graduated Bishopsland in 2013, Alexandra gained valuable experience in the Jewellery industry as a designer and maker, working alongside experts within the jewellery industry before setting up her own business, Frances Alexandra Jewellery in August 2017, allowing her to channel her expertise and passion into a jewellery business where she strives to deliver excellence.

Alexandra’s aim is to design and create bespoke fine jewellery to exacting standards, which will not only exceed the customers’ expectations and become valued pieces, but will be admired by all when worn.

Alexandra Parkinson

Owner, Frances Alexandra Jewellery

Designed and handmade in house

At Frances Alexandra Jewellery, all pieces are designed and made by hand in platinum, gold or silver, using a variety of precious and semi-precious stones including diamonds, opals and pearls.

Alexandra works closely with each client, ensuring that all work is bespoke and tailored to individual needs creating individual pieces of Jewellery such as Wedding Bands, Engagement rings, Bridal jewellery and gifts and contemporary pieces such as bangles, earrings and brooches.

As an artisan jeweller Alexandra has also created a number of bespoke pieces to her own design which been displayed at open workshops, trade fairs and exhibitions. These pieces have proved very popular helping to establish her own brand identity.

Alexandra can offer workshops courses on designing and making jewellery such as “a ring in a day” aimed at customers who want to create bespoke pieces of Jewellery incorporating their own passion whilst learning skills to make that “extra special” piece.

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