Chat With An Expert

I’m always free to discuss your ideas and offer any help or advice. 

Material Selection

I only use the best metals including platinum, gold and silver and gemstones of your choice.


Custom Jewellery Design

I specialise in one-off jewellery commissions to create something totally unique for you.

In addition to my jewellery collection, I offer one-off bespoke projects. Using my knowledge and skillset, I can offer you the opportunity to work alongside me to design something unique and special. This extends past traditional jewellery and can include home wear and decorative pieces, in additional to one-off jewellery.

In addition, I can transform your inherited, broken or unworn jewellery into something more wearable or contemporary. Using the lost wax cast process, I can recycle your own gold or create a new piece using stones from your old jewellery.

If you would like more information or have an idea you would like to explore, I offer a free consultation. I will arrange a convenient appointment for you to attend my workshop and discuss any initial ideas.



I invite you to my workshop for an initial consultation.

Depending on the depth of the project, there may be a multitude of avenues to explore. If your project will involve a stone or multiple stones, I offer my customers the opportunity to pick their own stone/s.

Throughout the project, there will a number of opportunities for my clients to view their pieces at different stages of development. If you have a specific date in mind, I will endeavour to meet your deadline, however, commissions will usually take approximately 3 months.

Once you have received your quote and are happy to go ahead, a deposit of 50% will be required. The final 50% will be due before completion.

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