Platinum Twist Wedding Band

Price: Made to order
Ring Width: Shape to fit
Style: Twisted design

Shape to fit platinum wedding band.

Shape to fit Wedding Rings

This ring set shows why I love making bespoke jewellery. The engagement ring is beautifully intricate in its design with the combination of diamond set detailing elegantly twisting around the shank, so my client wanted to keep her wedding band plain. The shape of the engagement ring meant that a straight band would not sit properly so we decided to make a shape to fit band instead. During the process of a shape to fit wedding band I make a model out of wax that then gets cast once the design is finalised, by using this method it allows for ideas to evolve. I wanted to bring the two rings together as a set and I did this by bringing the elegant twist seen in the engagement ring into the wedding band. When the rings sit together the twists flow together  all the way around. These rings were made for each other.


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