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I specialise in one-off jewellery commissions. Creating jewellery totally unique for you.

Are you struggling to find the perfect piece of jewellery? Or wanting to commemorate a special occasions? Then start your bespoke jewellery journey in the beautiful setting of Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire.

Hidden away in the beautiful Grade II listed courtyard at Thoresby Park, I offer a bespoke service in my jewellery workshop using individually sourced quality materials.

I create one-off bespoke pieces. Using my knowledge and skillset, I can offer you the opportunity to work alongside me to design something unique and special. This extends past traditional jewellery and can include home wear and decorative pieces, in additional to one-off jewellery.

Get in touch to talk through your ideas or arrange to come into my workshop for a friendly, informal one-to-one consultation.

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Some Previous Commissions


“I always knew what I wanted likely couldn’t be bought in a shop. Alex was fantastic in her consultations from start to finish and the finished piece exceeded all expectations.”

I felt really honoured when Ben, my brother in law, came to me and asked if I could make an engagement ring for Ava. The brief was simple – he wanted a daisy.  Ben had given this project a lot of thought and had answers ready to all my questions. He wanted platinum or white gold, with diamonds and a yellow or orange stone in the centre to create the desired daisy design. With the budget set, it was now down to me!

To start this project, I firstly sourced the stones. I selected some white marquise shaped diamonds for the petals and then sourced an orange and a yellow sapphire for the middle, giving Ben the choice of which he preferred. With this being an engagement ring, it was really important to make sure the design and the stones were hardy enough to take everyday wear. Sapphires and diamonds were the best choice. 

Next, it was off the bench to start hand making each different part of the ring. One of my favourite design features about this particular piece is there are two daisies. The one on the top made up of precious stones and a secret one underneath. When designing an engagement ring, it can be really useful to plan ahead and think about a possible design for a wedding ring. With the unique shape and design of this ring, I wanted to make sure Ava would still have options for a wedding ring to match. I designed and made a flower shape under bezel which lifted the stones up so that a wedding ring would be able to sit comfortably alongside. 


I love a cocktail ring so I was so excited when Teresa and Neil came to see me about remodelling their own gold into a new ring for Teresa. They had all the gold and I needed to source the stones.

We decided on a 3 stone ring which had different colours and different shaped stones. After talking to Teresa about what colours she liked, I was able to get a variety of different gemstones in for her to view. She chose a pear shape aquamarine, a marquise peach morganite and an oval pink tourmaline.

We designed this piece as two separate rings so that Teresa had options as to whether she wore both or just one. To bring both the white and the yellow metals together throughout the whole ring, I mixed and matched the metals. The aquamarine is set in yellow gold on a platinum shank, whilst the settings for the tourmaline and the morganite are both yellow gold with platinum halos on a yellow gold shank. 

The final piece is completely handmade from platinum and yellow gold, finished off with a textured finish and some white diamonds for extra sparkle.

Re-cycle, Re-Design & Re-Purpose

I can transform your inherited, broken or unworn jewellery into something more wearable or contemporary. Using the lost wax cast process, I can recycle your own gold or create a new piece using stones from your old jewellery.

If you would like more information or have an idea you would like to explore I offer an initial free consultation. So get in touch to arrange a convenient appointment to attend my workshop and discuss any initial ideas.

Every Piece tells a Story …


“The results exceeded their expectations, and they are going to enjoy wearing their designs as a beautiful symbol of their gorgeous baby boys. Many Thanks for all your help and skill with our project!! We really appreciate your positive approach and imagination!”

I first met Vanda when she came to Thoresby Park for a day out. She came up to the workshop to see what I did. We had a really nice chat about commission pieces and how the process works. She later got back in touch and asked if I could redesign a diamond ring into two new pieces, one for each of her daughters-in-law. She wanted them to be part of the process and be able to work with me on a design that suited their individual tastes. I love being able to share the process with people, through model making or pictures and videos. Having a piece of jewellery handmade is really exciting so I like to involve the client if I can.

Vanda bought both Katie and Laura to see me so we could start designing their pieces. Katie came with a design and drawing; her pendant design had a lovely organic nature to it so I chose to carve this piece out of wax before having it cast in silver. Katie was able to see the wax before it went for casting to check it hit the brief. When it came back from casting, I cleaned and polished it ready for the diamonds being set. Katie and I talked through her options and she chose the final layout of her diamonds. Once the stones were set, I sent the piece off to have red gold vermeil finish. 

Laura wanted a bangle to match her wedding ring which had a beautiful delicate swirl pattern with small leaves. I took photos of her ring for inspiration. Then designed a bangle which incorporated those key details. I made the bangle ready for a size trial. I was then able to make alternations whilst she waited to make sure Laura’s bangle was a perfect fit. Once the size was all sorted I carefully soldered on all the small details and set the diamonds. Laura chose a yellow gold vermeil finish for her piece. 

Both pieces are so unique; it was such a pleasure to make them. 


I love making one off bespoke pieces. Jewellery is so personal and often emotional so being able to offer a personal service is really special. I invite you into my workshop to meet me and talk about what you would like.

Jan came to me with a very special sentimental ring – her dad’s signet ring. Jan and her dad had a very close relationship. When he became sick he told her that when she was sad and missing him to look up at the sky as he would always be looking down on her, as a cloud. 

There are different methods I use for making pieces using your own gold. For this project I chose to make a wax model of a unique cloud necklace. The wax allows me to get the design perfect before I melt down your own gold.

Jan came back to the workshop to see the wax model and make any changes before signing off on the final piece. I then cast the cloud in her own gold and finished it off. Just like her dad, her cloud is one off and unique. 

Jan wears her necklace everyday as a reminder that her dad is always close by.

Looking for inspiration or want to chat through your ideas and budget?

I specialise in one-off jewellery commissions to create something totally unique and fabulous for you.

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